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SIGME Frequently asked questions

Our service allows you to securely share files. SigMe will never know any confidential details about the data your are sharing. We don't know who you are, we don't know what kind of file your are storing, we don't known anything about the content of the data.


Switch to the Upload Section select a file. You can limit the amounts of allowed downloads and the time after which your data can no longer be downloaded. You can also add a short text that will be displayed to the authorized receiver. You may want to enter a PIN number to protect your download. Simply click "UPLOAD" and your file will be automatically encrypted in your browser and stored on our servers. A link (web address, URL) will be displayed that can be forwarded to the authorized receiver(s). Anybody with access to this link will be able to download, decrypt your file. If you entered a PIN, the authorized receiver(s) will need that pin to access the data. Never forward the access link and the PIN number using the same channels. If send the link via email, use SMS or any other method to forward the PIN code.

To DOWNLOAD simply copy the received link into the address bar in your browser. You may have to enter a PIN number. Click "PROCEED" to view details and "DOWNLOAD" to transfer the data to your computer. The data will automatically be decrypted in your browser. Once the data has been sucessfully downloaded, click "SAVE TO DISC" to store the data on your system.


SigMe uses very modern mechanisms to allow the transfer of end-to-end encrypted data. SigMe has been optimized for use with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Other browsers may work. If you run into trouble, please use one of the supported browsers before complainig to us.

There is no matching file, sorry. The file you have requested is not or no longer available. It may have been expired, it may have reached the download limit, your link is wrong or you are using an invalid PIN number.

I forget the link or the PIN number. We are sorry for your loss but there's nothing we can do for you. We don't know what link points to your file, we don't know the PIN code or anything else. Your data will expire and and eventually be deleted.


That depends entirely on what you believe "Safe" to be. A lot of things can happen on your computer that will render SIGME's protection useless. If you have a virus on your system or some bad plugins or extension in your browser, you have a problem - and not only with SigMe. What we can say is this: We don't have access to any file stored on our servers, we don't kown the passwords or PIN-codes, we don't know wether your are storing an image, an audio, a text-file or the recipe of the worlds most famous roasted chicken. As a matter of fact: Nobody can download or decrypt your data without the download link. Use a PIN code to protect it, set sensible expiration paramters and everything should be ok.

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